To whom it may concern,

The Music of Russia is the independent online newspaper about classical music in Russia and abroad. Founded in 2011 the paper acquired a large number of loyal readers in our country and beyond its borders. This is a unique cross-cultural project which has no analogies in Russia at present time. The mission of our newspaper is centered on promotion of classical music. This kind of music is the universal language, which serves an intermediary between people of different nationalities, traditions and views on life. By means of classical music our newspaper contributes to cultural dialogue, gives the opportunity to avoid misunderstandings and establish friendly relations between the peoples of Russia and other countries. “The Music of Russia” is a team of like-minded people who are not indifferent to the fate of Russian culture and of the world musical culture on the whole. We keep up a running commentary of latest music events, conduct various critical reviews, perform the outside broadcasting breaking a story about world premieres, and spotlight an issue which deserves attention,to point up the needs of classical musicians in the modern world.

This year we celebrate the anniversary since the foundation of our newspaper. To this significant event we timed opening of its English version. This is the one of our greatest advantages in comparison with other Russian music papers, as its allows us being in the center of world music events, so that lots of overseas musicians can be lured into the interview and share their views on music, focus our attention on cross-cultural issues and other types of pressing challenges. Our constant cooperation with leading music groups and artistic unions of Russia and other countries all over the world gives us to receive all "first-hand" information about concerts, first-night performances and other outstanding music events.

The Bolshoi Theatre, The Mariinsky Theatre, The Union of Composers of Russia, The Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, The Nazib Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatory, The Gabdulla Tukai State Philharmonics, The Opera and Ballet Theater named after Musa Jalil, The Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan, The Perm Opera and Ballet, The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater and others. This is only a small part of musical institutions we collaborate with. In this respect, we are planning to expand the field of activity. We invite for cooperation the directors of opera theaters, philharmonics and conservatories, concert agencies, creative teams, conductor and artistic director of orchestras, choirs and other musical groups. We will be glad to extend our collaboration and your active participation in the life of our newspaper.

In addition to this our newspaper represents a series of exclusive articles and interviews with such prominent artists as Valery Gergiev, Leo Kremer, Cecilia Bartoli, Igor Butman , Svilen Semionov, Gama Skupinski, Igor Butman, Vadim Repin, Valery Raku,Heli Siekkinen,Marco Lo Russo, Giya Kancheli, Mikhail Pletnev, Boris Berezovsky, Nikolai Lugansky etc. However, now is not the time to rest on one's laurels. The newspaper is continuously negotiating and establishing contacts with world-renowned musicians, singers and composers. Soon there will be a series of interviews with well-known cultural figures, art workers and performers. If you are willing to be among these people, fell free to write us an e-mail to find out all the detailed information.

For the attention of composers, we have a standing head called “Composer’s world” which is planned to establish contacts with the unions of composers and composer organizations all over the world. If you write classical music and want all Russia to know about it we encourage you to collaborate with us. Another collaboration opportunity is for composers involved in teaching activities. The section “Composer’s word” will give you the chance to share your experience and to give advice for beginner composers, to find students willing to follow in your footsteps.

Besides, we bring to your attention children's section called “Welcome to the Musicland”. Here you can find children’s stories and poems about music, as well as children’s songs and lullabies from all over the world. Thus, online the newspaper "Music in Russia" gives you an opportunity to find the information according to your preferences. We are open for cooperation and joint projects and offer you a wide range of services to accommodate the information on our website, publishing original articles and materials, announcements, reviews, and congratulations. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. If you are interested in collaboration, performance of joint projects or if you have any questions to the editors of our newspaper, please, fell free to write us an e-mail to music_russia @ mail.ru

Best Regards,

Dina Mukhamedzyanova