195th birthday of Johann Strauss Jr

October 25 is the 195th birthday of Johann Strauss Jr., an Austrian composer, conductor and violinist (1825-1899).


In Russia Johann Strauss - son is associated with romantic love story. Since 1856 for 5 years he was a guest conductor of summer concerts at Pavlovsky Pavlovsk railway station , the terminal station of Tsarskoselskaya railway in Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg. 
And during this five-year term Strauss (on Russian posters he was known as Ivan Strauss) felt passionate and mutual romantic feelings for the Russian girl Olga Smirnitskaya, intending to enter into a legal marriage with her. But the girl's parents found this marriage unworthy of their daughter. 
Johann Strauss did suddenly survived the Russian fiasco.  Soon he was consoled in his happy marriage by marrying an Austrian opera singer, a soprano, which looked very much like Olga Smirnitskaya.

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