Europe-Asia XIV International Festival of New Music

The XIV International Festival of New Music “Europe-Asia” is the large musical forum which long ago had been widely accepted in Russia and abroad. It is the first international festival which appeared in Post-Soviet Russia.


Founders of a festival are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Union of composers of Tatarstan. The artistic director – ?hairman of the Board Union composers of Russia, Chairman Union of composers Republic of Tatarstan, the People's artist of Russia and Tatarstan, the composer Rashid Kalimullin.

From festival history. For more than 25-year’s history, over 100 conserts and events took place in Kazan and throughout Tatarstan, tens of master-classes and creative meetings was held. During that time the festival was attended guests from 46 countries. In 1998 the festival – alone among the Russian’s festivals, – had been included into the Catalogue of the Best Musical Forums of the World was drafted by the prestigious Magazine "Gaudeamus". In 2005 the festival was awarded the “Prize the Government of Russia”. Since 2014, the “Europe-Asia” festival began to take place in Vietnam with personal support the President of Vietnam. The “Association of composers of Vietnam” acts as principal organizer. Today the “Europe-Asia” festival is well known by musicians of the whole world.

 Among participants of a festival there were outstanding musicians of the present – French horn, Alpine Horn, Flugelhorn performer - Arkady Shilkloper (Germany-Russia), the clarinetist Stefan Vermeersh (Belgium), the virtuoso guitarist Enver Izmaylov (Ukraine), vocal “Ensemble VOX” (Sweden), the pianist, the composer, the leader of “Guild of composers of New Jersey” Robert Pollock (USA), the Swiss percussionist world-famous Mirsea Ardelianu, the saxophonist Pierre-Stephane Meugé (France), the bayan player Ivan Ergiyev (Ukraine), the traditional Indian percussion instruments performer Rajah Sham-Sharma, a mezzo-soprano Christensen Agnette (Denmark), the flutist Karin Levayn (Germany), the clarinetist Michel Marang (Holland), the jazz quartet "Boyan-Z" (France), ZIGGURAT ensemble (Holland).

Composers and musicians from Australia, Vietnam, Holland, Korea, China, Peru, Chile, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many regions of Russia will become guests of the XIV International “Europe-Asia” festival. A particular emphasis of a festival is a palette of folklore ethnographic ensembles of the different countries and unique sound of national musical instruments.

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