The forest raised a Christmas tree

The New Year's Eve is the true time of magic, wonder and happiness. The new life is in front of you. The new music is waiting to be heard. But in Russia people used to say that  everithing new which comes into our life is the old thing forgotten.

The forest raised a Christmas tree( In Russian is:  , V lesu rodilas elochka) is a famous children's New Year song in Russia, by Raisa Kudasheva and Leo Beckmann written  in 1903. It was extremely popular in Soviet Union and it 's known by children of  XXI century. It was transtated to other languages. At least there are two versions in English.

Firstly, by Arthur Durando "The forest raised a Christmas tree":


1.The forest raised a Christmas tree,
‘Twas silent and serene
In winter and in summer
It was slender and so green.
2.The wind sang it a lullaby:
Sleep Christmas tree, sleep tight!
The snow was making clothes for it:
It was a pretty sight!


Secondly, by English lyrics by Joe White


There was a Fir-Tree born in woods,
And there she was grown,
In winter and in summer both
The grace and green she was
The Snowstorm sang a song for her:
«Sleep, Firry, sleep tight-tight»
The Frost was covering with snow:
“Don't freeze in such cold night”

Perhaps, in your countries there are also the songs like this.  Do you still  remember them?  Will you sing them to your children?
Write about it and share you emotions with our newspaper. Happy New Year to all of you!




Dina Mukhamedzyanova

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