The famous Tuvan group "Alash" performed at Carnegie

The famous Tuvan folk group "Alash" February 25, successfully delivered a solo concert in the prestigious American concert hall, "Carnegie Hall" (Carnegie Hall), located in the heart of New York.

"Carnegie Hall" is world famous concert hall, where they played only recognized musicians. Play "Carnegie Hall" - the dream of every budding musician. Many audience members before the show already asked concert tickets "outstanding Tuvan group" Alash ".

The musicians of "Alash" Bada-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik performing together for 13 years. During this time they toured all over the world. This is the 14th of a trip to America with his producer Shaun Kuirkom (Kushkash-ool). During this time they played together with such distinguished American groups like San Pa Horse Flays, and Bella Fleck.  In 2008 together with the Bell Vleck album, which was attended by "Alash" was also awarded a Grammy.