composer Fishtik Elena Vladimirovna

Born in the city of Yekaterinburg. She graduated from Conservatoire composer in Chisinau (Moldova), trained in Moscow 3 years at Yuri Fortunatov

. E. Fishtik is a multiple winner of international competitions and festivals for young composers - Baltic (1980), Bulgaria (1981), Germany (1983), Ukraine (1986), Miami (USA) (2000-2005), Canada, Israel, Russia (theater festivals) and other.

Fishtik  is the author of three symphonies, three operas by AP Chekhov (were placed in the Opera Theatre in Moscow in 1989), 5 private oratory for BSO (Big Symphony Orchestra), choirs and soloists - lyrics by Vladimir Mayakovsky, over 10 choral music for piano, violin, vocals, bass, guitar, etc.

Compositions E. Fishtik heard in Italy, Germany, Israel, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Canada, France and other countries. In 2011Elena Fishtik released a new performance of "Magic Tea" - the author  is Lyudmila Ivanova, Impromptu Theater, Moscow.


  • The musical "Mr. Twister"
  •  The musical "The Mystery of Mother Elderberry"
  •  Musical "Antoshka and accordion"
  • Musical "Hedgehog in the Fog"
  • Musical "Fly Tsokotukha
  • "Musical" Borscht "
  •  Musical "Vacation Cupids"
  •  Oratorio in 5 parts, for BSO, two choirs and soloists - lyrics by Vladimir Mayakovsky
  •  Ballet “XXI Century” etc.

Released material discs and music publications.
Now Elena Fishtik collaborates with theater "Impromptu" (Moscow, thin. Arms. Ivanova LI) and is included in the artistic creativity of the theater.
Recorded and published
Album of symphonic music;
Album of music from the ballet;
Album of children's music;
Album of pop music;
Issued printed music, from classical repertoire to the collection of children's music.