Ken-David Masur to the subscription "Fire & Ice" of the Moscow Philharmonic

February 21 at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall will be the second concert of the subscription "Ice and Fire ..." of Russia National Philharmonic. Playing with styles and creative collision of manners, is the meaning of subscription, become an attractive event in the history of music

In the upcoming program - a monumental Bruckner's Seventh Symphony, which is preceded by a short introductory piece Barber’s "Essay". American Barber, who was born 14 years after the death of Anton Bruckner, took over and succeeded in his work many ideals of European Romanticism. However symphony cycle he preferred his own invention, a miniature musical essay.

 Concise Barber preamble will provide a small piece of "ice," which went to this concert series. The main part of the program given to the Seventh Symphony. In connection with its monumental plan Bruckner researchers assign the same importance in the history of symphonic music as Beethoven. Grandeur of conception and realization of almost all famous Bruckner's symphonies, but the seventh - one of the most majestic and beautiful examples of late Romanticism.

 Ken-David Masur will be conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia. Son of the outstanding conductors of Kurt Masur, Ken-David Masur began studying conducting with his father.

 Ken-David Masur is a recognized master of the vocal-symphonic repertoire, where he won the highest ratings. Since 2007, Ken-David Masur has served as resident conductor of Symphony Orchestra of San Antonio (Texas, USA).

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