The main building of the Yekaterinburg State Children Philharmonic

December 24 the main building opened of the State Children's Philharmonic in Yekaterinburg, the repair of which lasted nearly five years. Symbolic key to the door of a new home was given to young artists by the Chairperson of the Sverdlovsk region Denis Pasler and the Vice-Governor of Yakov Silin

They have spent more than 600 million rubles for the reconstruction of the building and transformed it beyond recognition. Specialists mended old stairs of the main entrance, stucco of the merchant mansion and Chamber Hall elements of historical and architectural value, thus keeping all the historic colors. The dimension of rehearsal space after reconstruction is 6610 square meters (three times the previous), construction of a new concert hall, which can easily accommodate five hundred spectators, equipped with choral classes and recording studios.

In dance halls made ​​different floor - for folk and modern dance. After the tour in the new concert hall, the first concert attended by all of the creative teams of the Childrens Philharmonic. They are Dance Ensemble "Smile", Jazz Choir, Chapel boys and young men, Violin Ensemble and Orchestra of Folk Instruments.