Daniel Barenboim is called philosopher of music.

The question of how he has time for everithing , Daniel Barenboim answers simply: "I am working"

He has still tense, planned tour schedule in the years ahead. Barenboim concerts as a pianist and conductor, explained it this way: "When I perform as a pianist, I am eager to see the piano in the orchestra, and when I stand behind the board, the orchestra seems to me at the piano." Barenboim today as always is full of new ideas, which he brings to life.

 Daniel Barenboim can joke in Russian, German, Italian - and five other languages. From birth, he is a man of the world: the Argentine-Israeli and Russian background. In seven years, gave his first solo concert as a pianist, and at Daniel 12 made his first record, at 15went on a world tour. Curious, eager to do everything, Barenboim is also creative rebel. Music puts political accents. He played on the ruins of the Berlin Wall. First played Wagner in Israel, where Hitler's favorite composer was under the unofficial ban. He gave a concert in Ramallah besieged by Israeli forces. The best gift for the 70th anniversary of the maestro has already received. Germany has provided € 20 million to create a "Music Academy Barenboim and Said."