Eduard Artemyev

People's Artist of Russia, there winner of three State Prizes in literature and art, three "Nika"awards, the president of the Russian Association of Electroacoustic, one of the first musicians who started in our country electronic music Composer Eduard Nikolaevich Artemyev will be 75 years old on November 30.

 Eduard Artemiev is the author of two operas, ballet mime "Dead Souls", oratorios, cantatas "Ode good messenger" the text by Pierre de Coubertin, was heard at the Moscow Olympics in 1980, as well as a large number of electronic compositions and music for more than 170 films. His is the author of music for Tarkovsky the films "Solaris", "Mirror", "Stalker", "Sibiriada" by Konchalovsky and almost all the pictures of Nikita Mikhalkov.

Edward Artemiev's musical taste is formed by three directions - classic, electronic and rock music. Speaking of music, composer, and his works fascinated Debussy, Scriabin, Stravinsky, Boulez.

Another component of Eduard Artemyev creativity is film music. Almost half a century composer working in this genre.  His way into the world of movie began with a film studio in Odessa where he came in 1963 led by Vano Muradeli. There to film "Dream Forward"

Edward Artemiev is one of the few Russians who had the opportunity to work in Hollywood. He there shot 9 pictures, with Konchalovsky and American film directors.  

 Special case on film music for Artemiev – is to work with Mikhalkov. Their friendly relations for over 40 years and work on all paintings, except for the film "Black Eyes".

According to Artemyev, the future of music is to create mystery, based on the synthesis of genres (and in that he is the successor of Scriabin ideas). His life, he cannot imagine not working in the studio, without music. He often hears it in his dreams, but it has never failed to wake up to its record.


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