The year 2013 in the Novgorod region will be announced the Year of Sergei Rachmaninov

This initiative of the Administration is supported by the music community, heads of institutions of culture and art in the region. The 140th anniversary from the date of birth of S.V. Rachmaninov is going to be celebrated in 2013.

It is planned that in Veliky Novgorod during the Year of Rachmaninov there will be the conference dedicated to the anniversary date,all-Russian Rachmaninov contest among students of music schools, Regional Competition for Young Pianists.

The House of Music named after Rachmaninov plans to gather for a meeting the heads of institutions, bearing the name of the composer.
Concerts of Academic Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg Philharmonic are scheduled in the Regional Philharmonic.

Alexander Vakhrushev, director of the Regional Philharmonic, suggested that an interesting joint event with participation of three orchestras from Pskov, Novgorod and Vologda.
A suggestion was made arrange well the estate Oneg, where passed early childhood of Sergei Rachmaninov.

In the year of the 140th anniversary of our famous countryman will be several jubilees

For example, 65 years anniversary of Novgorod child musical school No. 1 named after Rachmaninov. Great concert is to going be held in the center of the "Dialogue’, which is devoted to two anniversaries.  

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