Marco Lo Russo: I love music as a language of art to express myself

Marco Lo Russo Accordionist, composer, arranger, conductor and musicologist, he is listed in the Italian Yearbook of Cinema in the category - best musicians thanks to his compositions. Eclectic, extremely fond of mediterranean and contemporary sounds, he has received great critic approvals, especially from Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Leo Brouwer, the actors and directors like Piera Degli Esposti, Pupi Avati, Giorgio Albertazzi and many more. Today we have a brilliant opportunity to find out more about his life and creative activity.

-According to Giovanni Carli Ballola, among the Italian musicians of the new generation you “stand for some very original features that make you a representative artist of the developed and updated guidelines in the musical culture of our time”. Do agree with this statement and why?

-  I am very honored that the declaration did Carli Ballola. I am very happy for all the enthusiastic comments like the ones I received from Maestro Ennio Morricone. When I began studying the accordion in Italy there were no major schools everywhere accordion. For this reason, I had the desire to deepen the study of music. I studied composition, arranging, jazz, conducting and musicology at the University and at the Conservatory. Then I made courses for certifications in the use of information technology applied to music. Even today I try to study every day to deepen my knowledge. An artist must always study and keep up to date. So I think Carli Ballola has made ​​this declaration. I try to study every day when I'm not traveling to concerts.

- Your repertoire varies from the classical and contemporary music to the Argentinean tango, running through jazz contaminations. Could you tell us please, what is your favorite genre?

-  Gioacchino Rossini said that music exists only in two types: good or bad. I love music as a language of art to express myself. My favorite genre is related to improvised music. All that is world music, jazz and ethnic music that has a written and an improvisation part I really like.

- You collaborate with many orchestras and various artists. I would like to ask you about working with In-grid. I remember the time when her songs have been very popular in Russia, especially, “Tu es Foutu”. No wonder that she has a lot of fans in our country. So I’d like to know about your impressions of this collaboration?

-  Just came back from Cuba where I performed at the International Festival Leo Brouwer. I had the pleasure of working with many international artists. This allowed me to do a lot of experience and always to put into question. I have worked with singers, actors, directors, musicians, orchestra, choirs, dancers and painters. This for me was very important. Each new experience allows us to grow more and more. In-Grid is a special person and a great artist. I had the good fortune to work with her on various projects. In-Grid is very eclectic artist with a very beautiful voice and unique. We plan to also make acoustic performances in which they revisited the international success. Soon we will be performing together in Russia. I love working with her ​​because she is very professional and always striving for perfection. I'm also thinking of writing songs for her. But I do not want to spoil anything for the moment..

- Would you liked to work with some Russian singers?

-  The Russians remind me a lot of Italians especially for warmth. The Russian music and Russian artists I really like. I would be very happy to cooperate with Russian artists.

- As we know from your biography, you compose music for Italian TV. Could you tell me, please, about the most memorable experience you had while working on movie soundtracks?

-  Despite being still young composer called for my age the experiences I've had have been many. Every time I submitted the images for me is a memorable experience. To describe their emotions through music is a great fortune. I remember many good experiences. For example, I recall the creation of the music for an Italian drama where there was a scene of tango. The pair of dancers were two women. One was dressed as a man and the other a woman. Their moviementi and energy have inspired me to create the soundtrack. Other experiences have been very good at creating music for the RAI TV. I had to describe landscapes with music. It was like watching paint the emotions of memories. Definitely the most exciting experience was playing in world vision for the pope. I had the honor to perform in a worldvision my composition for accordion and orchestra and projected images on the pain. 

-What advice you can give to beginner composers?

- If you want to become a football player you have to play every day. If you want to become a painter of pictures you have to paint everyday. If you want to be a writer you have to write every day. If you want to be a composer writing music every day. No matter where your music comes, the important thing is to write. The only way to learn the secrets of music or any other art. This is the advice I can give. Always study.


Dina Mukhamedzyanova