he Beijing Opera Festival takes place in Moscow.

he Beijing Opera Festival takes place in Moscow in September, 15-17.

The Beijing Opera Festival takes place in Moscow.


The Beijing Opera Festival takes place in September, 15-17 at Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre within the scope of the Chinese Culture Festival held in Russia.

The program called “The Masterpieces of Beijing Opera” was performed in September, 15-16. 

It consists of the episodes of most famous performances:

1) “Farewell, my concubine” (“The Tears and the Sward”)

2) “The short reunion planning” (“The Way and the Promise”)

3)” The Night fight in Inn city” (“The Night fight”)

4) “The Drunken concubine” (“Flowers and Vine”).


In September, 17, the traditional Beijing Performance will be shown. It is called “The Legend of the White Snake”.

All the performances are given by Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing (JTCB), which is one of the oldest and the most famous The Beijing Opera Theaters in China.

The Beijing Opera is more than 200 years old. In 1790 the company of Actors came to Beijing from the Province of Anhui in order to celebrate the jubilee of Qing Dynasty Emperor. Its great success inspired other Anhui companies to come to Beijing.

Gradually, at the end of I century till the beginning of XX century, as a result of selection and borrowing of artistic theater elements the new genre of Beijing Opera (Jingju) was formed. The Beijing Opera is China national heritage. Besides, it was recognized as a part of JUNESCO cultural heritage in November, 2010. 

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