Emir Kusturica is going to visit Dostoevsky famous sites in Omsk

Famous Bosnian film director, Emir Kusturica is going to see Omsk Dostoevsky famous sites November 8, 2012

This fall Emir Kusturica and folk-rock group “The No Smoking Orchestra” visit Omsk for the first time. The musicians are going to give a single concert in Philharmonic Concert Hall within the scope of their Russian tour. 
In the final part of the concert Emir Kusturica’s admirers will be able to talk to the legendary film director in the format "free microphone."
During their visit the musicians plan to see Omsk cultural and historical places associated with the name of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Emir Kusturica’s interest in biography of Fyodor Dostoevsky can be explained his intention to write a book «My dear Fyodor», which is dedicated to Russian writer. Possibly, the plot of this book should form the basis of the script for the next film by Kusturica.
In an interview, the director shared the concept of the book: 
«A film director is dreaming about shooting the film «Crime and Punishment», but he cannot find money for his movie. Then he meets a rich man, who offers him to kill his wife for money. And when the main character finds himself in the same situation as Raskolnikov, he raises the question: Why did Raskolnikov think about the murder so many times? 
Because it is too simple: you can go to the nearest supermarket, buy an ax and then money is in your pocket! Then is appears that living without ideals in our time is so easy and simple. We rarely ask ourselves the questions about moral, good and evil. This is very bad».

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